Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Building has begun

I know it has been some time since my last blog well lets face it I've been a little slack.
Over the past few months we have moved house, demolished our old house and finalised plans for the new house, which I am excited to say started being built on Monday (three days ago). As this is such a big part of my life at the moment I will add snippets to my blog to not only record my own 'journey'(sorry didn't want to sound too Masterchef) but share this with you.  It has been 4 years in the planning and months of paperwork but there was much excitement as I drove up to the block to see three large trucks out the front.  Yes things were moving, I didn't expect such a large display.  Not sure what I expected - a man and a shovel (probably not) but I definately not three big trucks! I did feel a little overwhelmed as I think it had finally hit me - things were REALLY happening.  Hang on people its going to be a great ride!!
Day One - Fences were completed and dirt had moved

Excitedly the kids and I watched Kenny deliver the Portable Loo

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mt Martha Inspiration

With the end of the boys footy season I am delighted to say my focus is back where it is happiest, with my fabrics and quilt design. A trip with the girls for a long weekend energised my direction for the rest of the year. A location of great inspiration was Mt Martha on the Peninsula. An incredible cafe called Lilo was the perfect transition to green. I spoke with the delightful owner who has transformed to this eatery to eclectic combination of all the has been reinvented and so incredibly cool. The highlight is a mural on the back wall that was photograph taken by her friend of a friend. Simply Gorgeous! Where else would a Podpal be?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

You are never too young....

Christmas in August (deferred from July) we relaxed with Bing Crosby's White Christmas gently playing in the background and with the excitement of an innocent toddler on Christmas Day our anticipation last it was here time to 'Pass the Parcel'.
Nine of us gorgeous Patchie Girls had dined earlier in a private room at the Boathouse and then retired to the gorgeous Flora's for dessert. On reflection we could have almost skipped the dinner part and have gone straight to china cups of tea and indulgent dessert. The subject of the 'Pass the Parcel' was never far from conversation and the list provided has not been looked at even by those who collected the treasure - the anticipation and mystery of the parcel was brewing just like Flora's tea.
The fate of the cards would determine the order we would unwrap this surprise package. The lowest number would be the one to unveil the first layer. After way too much chocolate and tea we moved to the front room, suitable decorated with Floras collection of Santas. Barb was first to go and with comments as to the attention to detail that bestowed the package and the gorgeous wrapping she began - all eyes glued to ever fold and crease to get a glimpse of the first treasure. It was the most incredible contemporary bird sticky tape holder - in a word - divine. Claire was to follow and again we were focused on her reading of the poem that appeared on each layer and her fingers as she unwrapped the second layer - to reveal quirky postage stamp pins- fabulous!. We were all commenting as to how gorgeous each of the items were, how the poems added to the intrigue and when it came to our turn not one member of the group was disappointed. The delight on the face of our matriarch and host encapsulated all of the emotion everyone felt on the night as she revealed her little cat ruler.
Other goodies included a knitting needle bracelet, I love knitting badge, makeup mirror with a funky sewing machine picture on the back, a bag, knitted cakes (a personal favourite) animal wooden paper clips and last but not least a wooden stamp the said 'Homemade'. Our Tracey was the recipient of the last gift and had only earlier that evening explained how she had seen a stamp for shortbread she was admiring that said 'Homemade' - how incredibly serendipidis. Amongst the Oooos and Ahhhhs as we shared our gifts consensus was that this would continue as an annual event.
The anticipation and the quality of the gifts received impressed all and this innovative idea by Sonia from Bobs Boutique is to be applauded. After only a brief conversation with Sonia she had managed to choose gifts that were fun, high quality and encapsulated all we enjoy as a group. We will all dream of the time we were young girls again, revisited if only for a few hours and the childish excitement only besotted on a child by a 'Pass the Parcel' You are never to old to indulge a little childhood reflection and fantasy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pass the parcel - Christmas in July

If you have been reading my blog about Bendigo you may remember the delightful 'Pass the Parcels' produced by Bob's Boutique. Well we have one for our Christmas in July. Can't wait to open it... Ho Ho Ho.....

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Designer Podpals

Here are the two new Popals in the quest for the perfect Podpal. These two I added to my store at Follow the stores to Toffee and Wren. These were created with funky designer fabrics i picked up from Patchwork on Central Park in Malvern. One of my favourite stores and well worth a trip for a fabric fix and a good cuppa in the shop next door.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bendigo and Bob Boutique

Day Trippin with the family. Yes we took a Sunday (with no football) and left at 10:00am for a Sunday drive. If I was the gorgeous 50's wife I would have got up early baked and packed the picnic! My morning was more like - up at 9:30am in the shower and pick up takeaway coffee from the local cafe - Mama Linas - still just as delightful. In the new car, turned on the heated seat(yes, this is still a novelty.) we headed up the Calder freeway to Bendigo. High tech boys in the back with hot chocolate (yes, from Mama Linas) and iPods. We drove into town with gasps from the back seat from the boys as to how big that church really is! I did not remember how big the whole town was let alone that glorious church. We drove around it, packed with cars - mass must have been on and found ourselves parked near the botanical gardens. Great car park - the old prayer 'Hail Mary full of grace, help us find a parking space' paid off - must have been that huge Church again!
Not sure what we were going to do really, we walked along the main street and ducked into the visitors centre. Deciding to check out the local market we began to wander past all the incredible architecture (all the time wishing I hadn't left my camera at home). To my surprise we passed a store called 'Bob Boutique' and its design was familiar to me but no recollection at the time. As we headed to the market - which was a car club - Big Yawn!! I suggested I return to 'Bobs' and they can look at the cars. Yes - Win Win!!!! As soon as I strolled through the door - flashback - I had seen the ad in Frankie magazine. This store is now in my top 5 - My head is still spinning from all of the quirky and funky stock - oh to have hundreds of dollars. All the little retro goodies, slightly odd stuffed toys, artwork and my favourite the Blythe doll postcard. A photo of some of the little goodies I bought today are hear for you to see. I met my boys just as I had completed my purchase and headed to a cafe called Bar Zurk for lunch, I would highly recommend it - order the pie! We did the tourist thing for another couple of hours then headed home. I had an "amazing adventure in the land of Bob"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ta Da - My Reindeer!!

OK - my job is done!
Isn't he cute - still a bit tricky to stuff and well I know the antlers are just a little floppy - but he does have personality.